Our services are unique, offering clients an Outsourced Shipping Department via 3 platforms:

  1. Client Support Service
  2. Project-Based Services
  3. Full Clearing and Forwarding Function / Freight Management Function

We are a fully experienced Shipping Department, not tied into only one source of information but rather offering clients a multitude of options based on industry or routing specific strengths. Your Shipping Department offers an expanded network of agents, shipping lines and key role players, without the Admin and HR challenges of managing an entire team.

Client Support Service

Our unique offering means you can stay with your current Agent while still having access to our team and network of partners.

Project Based Services

Your Shipping Department will execute your Shipping project requirements without you needing to become a Shipping expert.

Freight Management Solutions

Looking at a new Clearing Agent and Forwarding Solution? We can provide you with a service driven solution.

Client Support Service

Our Client Support Service in an innovative solution in answer to a need identified in communications with Importers and Exporters.

Combine our network, and years of industry experience and partnerships, with your processes and allow us to become Your Shipping Department. Our unique service means you can stay with your current Agent, while still having access to our entire team and network. This will give a comprehensive and experienced edge to your Imports and Exports.

We will tailor-make a solution to suit your company, your needs and your processes. For a monthly fee with no contracts and no tie-in’s we will fulfill the role of Your Shipping Department.

Services could include:

  • Handling rate sourcing – we will handle the “shopping around” for you and ensure that you are always receiving market related costs and best value service
  • Handling shipments and indents, following up on documents, ensuring charges are in line, rates of exchange are not inflated, documents are accurate, correct values have been applied and more
  • Handling quotes on FOB rates from a number of options, ensuring that you are always ahead of the freight rates and carrier options
  • Following up on indents from suppliers, consolidating your shipments and ensuring that documents are customs clearance ready for your clearing agent
  • Offering tariffing advice and information, building up your tariff library and ensuring that your clearing agent is applying the correct tariffs
  • Facilitating access to forex deals, trade finance options, insurance options and legal advice
  • Access to our team means you have access to a full network of partners and services providers without you having to take the time out – WE REPORT TO YOU!

The monthly Client Support Service fee is calculated on the requirement of your specific needs and is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Get in touch with one of our team now, to find a solution for your company and be ahead of the game.

It’s the hassle free option – no Human Resource burden and no Administrative burden.

Project Based Services - POA

Looking for a Shipping solution? Let us navigate the options for you, using our experienced network of partners. Our methodology is to engage with a number of services providers to investigate a number of solutions for you.

  • Did you know you can dispute the rate of duty levied on an import?  Did you know you can report shipping line charges to the Competition Commissions Board? And many more options to ensure you receive a fair price?
  • Do you need us to handle any portfolio of your shipping that would free you up to do your business? Let us tailor-make a solution to meet your needs
  • Shipping Solutions can be country-specific and / or commodity specific
  • Customs Clearing solutions
  • Procurement assistance
  • A foreign company wanting to set up a subsidiary in South Africa? Or a South African company wanting to set up a foreign subsidiary?
  • Customs Code Applications or FICA submissions
  • Obtaining proposals and cost comparisons on your behalf – let us do the admin work and present you with recommended options for service and price, saving you time
  • Audits on costs and tariff headings
  • Need to streamline Shipping processes or a just a very basic introduction to your team on what happens from a Clearing and Forwarding perspective?
  • Trade Finance Options – do you need full finance or part finance, do you need extended terms or just a very short term?

Freight Management Solutions - POA

Your Shipping Department can provide a full Clearing and Forwarding function. We have successfully provided our clients with a top class service in Freight Management Solutions for many years. We believe in going the extra mile, adding value and making sure we work according to YOUR requirements as your business grows and your needs change.

  • A FULL Freight forwarding & Customs clearing function
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